Venue and Travel

The Workshop will take place at the CENPAT (a scientific center owned by CONICET, the Argentinian national research council) which is located at next to the Rayentray Puerto Madryn Hotel.

VISA INFORMATION: Please check here to see if you require a visa to enter Argentina.

ARRIVAL INFORMATION: Most international flights arrive at the Ezeiza International Airport at Buenos Aires. Currency can be exchanged in the airport at Banco Nación. Teller machines are available and work with most major credit cards. Public phones are either coin or card-operated. Cards are available at the airport. You can also dial #19 to make a local collect call. A bus company (Manuel Tienda León) offers transportation from Ezeiza to downtown Buenos Aires and the ride takes about 40 minutes. The ticket stand of the Manuel Tienda León company is the first stand after you exit customs. There are also public transportation buses that serve downtown Buenos Aires at a cheaper rate, but we do not recommend it if you carry a significant amount of luggage.

Puerto Madryn, how to get there:

  • By Plane

The easiest way to arrive to Puerto Madryn from Buenos Aires is by plane. Currently there are airlines that operate three flights a week from the domestic Airport in Buenos Aires Aeroparque to El Tehuelche Airport (located 10 km northwest from Puerto Madryn). There is no shuttle service available between the airport and the city, so expect to spend USD 7* on a short cab ride. El Tehuelche Airport is not an international airport so people arriving at Ezeiza should take a transfer (Manuel Tienda León) or a taxi to Aeroparque in order to make the connection to El Tehuelche Airport.

But if you travel from a foreign country, additionally, there is an international airport — Almirante Marcos A. Zar Airport — located an hour away from Puerto Madryn in Trelew. Many international and domestic airlines, including Aerolineas Argentina, fly there throughout the week. Shuttle buses run between the airport and Puerto Madryn. Thus, we recommend this option for foreign participants.

  • By Car

Follow the National Route 3 from Buenos Aires. Stretching along the east coast, this route crosses through Rio Negro before arriving in Chubut Province. The highway is well marked and relatively well maintained, making for a straightforward but long journey. Note that certain sections of the highway are toll roads and a small access fee will have to be paid.

  • By Bus

Long distance buses travel to Puerto Madryn from Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Rio Gallegos and other destinations throughout Argentina. The fastest journey from Buenos Aires takes approximately 19 hours.



Excursion Payment Link

If you signed up for the excursion, you can pay it on any of the following links.

Mercado Pago  A$2100 (preferred)

PayPal US$ 35 (to account nopararas@g..)

Alternatively we’ll accept cash at the conference.