About the workshop

In the last two decades the advances in the understanding of the most fundamental aspects of quantum physics were an essential ingredient in triggering an ongoing technological revolution: the second quantum revolution. In the era of such quantum revolution, the manipulation of individual quantum systems (such as trapped ions, natural or artificial atoms, individual photons, etc.) enabled the realisation of fascinating experiments exhibiting the most counter intuitive aspects of the quantum world. But these same techniques also took quantum computer from a concept connected with science fiction transforming it into the main goal of an ongoing technological race. Quantum information and quantum computation are two areas of interdisciplinary research where basic and applied activities are often entangled between with each other. The Workshop will offer a unique opportunity to discuss the most recent advances in this exciting field.

The topics that will be covered include: Foundations of quantum mechanics, the study of the quantum to classical transition, the properties of the process of decoherence, the physics of quantum open systems, quantum information, quantum computation and simulations, quantum thermodynamics, quantum metrology, quantum optics, cold trapped ions, cavity qed, etc.

The meeting will take place in a relaxed atmosphere at the city of Puerto Madryn, located right in the coast of the Argentinian Patagonic region, very close to the Valdez Peninsula, a unique marine wild life reserve. The Workshop will take place at the CENPAT (a scientific center owned by CONICET, the Argentinian national research council) which is located right next to the Rayentray Hotel, where all participants are expect ted to stay (see details here).

Between October 29th and November 1st 2019 we will have a set of plenary invited talks, contributed talks and poster presentations. A preliminary list of invited speakers is available here. We will also enjoy the beauty of the patagonic coast and its amazing wild life visiting Valdez Peninsula.