The conference will take place from the 29th of  October to the 1st of November 2019

  Tuesday 29 Wednesday 30 Thursday 31 Friday 1
9:15   Zurek Kempe Laflamme
10:00 Lutz Hu Aolita Pastawski H.
10:30 Pastawski F. Calzetta Acín Wisniacki
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Terra Cunha Excursion Hallberg  
12:00 França Santos Cabello  
12:30 Fazio Sánchez  
13:00 Lezama Martinez  
13:30 Lunch Lunch  
15:00 Caves Kimble  
15:30 Maniscalco Larotonda  
16:00 Dotsenko Mehlstäubler  
16:30 García Mata Pruvost  
17:00 Coffee Coffee  
17:30 Posters Lombardo  
18:00 Davidovich  
19:00 Welcome Cocktail      
20:00   Conference Dinner  


Talk Titles

Adán Cabello Where do quantum correlations come from?
Alexia Auffèves A coherent quantum engine based on bath and battery engineering
Antonio Acin Certification of many-body quantum systems
Arturo Lezama Nonclassical light generated in atomic vapors
Bei-Lok Hu Backreaction Problems in Moving Atoms, Radiating Black Holes and the Early Universe via Generalized Fluctuation-Dissipation Relations
Carlton Caves The role of squeezing in metrology and quantum information
Diego Wisniacki OTOCS: a new revival of quantum chaos
Eric Lutz Quantum fluctuation theorem beyond two-point measurements
Esteban Calzetta From quantum open systems to quantum thermodynamics
Esteban Martinez TBA
Fernando Lombardo Towards detecting traces of non-contact quantum friction in the corrections of the accumulated geometric phase
Fernando Pastawski A Quantum Information Perspective on Holography
Horacio Pastawski Emergent perturbation independent decay of the Loschmidt echo and fast scrambling of OTOCs in a many-spin system studied through engineered dipolar dynamics.
Ignacio Garcia-Mata Quantum to classical transition in the work distribution for chaotic systems
Igor Dotsenko Autonomous Maxwell’s demon in a cavity QED system
Jeff Kimble TBA
Julia Kempe Quantum Complexity
Karen Hallberg Precision spectral densities in correlated systems using quantum information
Laurence Pruvost Orbital Angular Momentum of light : interplay with atoms by Four Wave Mixing
Leandro Aolita Reconstructing many-body quantum states with neural-network generative neural models.​
Luiz Davidovich Quantum metrology, phase space, and hyperentanglement
Marcelo Terra Cunha Contextuality in Quantum Open Systems
Marcelo F. Santos Physical Properties of Photonic Cooper Pairs
María José Sánchez Quantum control of qubits based on solid state superconducting devices
Miguel Larotonda Quantum Information Processing with photons in Buenos Aires. Past, present (and future?) of the Lab
Raymond Laflamme Algorithmic cooling
Rosario Fazio Cooperative effects in quantum heat engines
Sabrina Maniscalco The title of my talk is Decoherence without entanglement and stranger things.
Tanja Mehlstäubler Precision Spectroscopy with Ion Coulomb Crystals
Wojciech Zurek Quantum Foundations and Quantum Computation

Poster Titles

Analia Zwick Optimizing quantum sensors to their ultimate precision limits
Diego Tielas Spontaneous symmetry breaking induced by quantum monitoring
Gonzalo A. Alvarez Sensing out-of-equilibrium many-body quantum systems by time-reversal echoes
Hossein Dinani Chemical reaction sensors based on the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
Juan Pablo Paz State dependent motional squeezing of a trapped ion: new method and applications
Kaonan Campos Micadei Bueno Quantum fluctuation theorem beyond two-point measurements
Ludmila Viotti Geometric Phase and Entanglement properties of a bipartite two-level system induced by electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations.
María Cristina Rodríguez Experimental study of the relation between many-body thermalization and localization by directly measuring out-of-time-ordered commutators
Mariana Afeche Cipolla Generalized spin-boson models and interconversion of quantum resources
Martin Larocca Quantum Control Landscapes
Natalia Giovenale Entanglement of topological states of an electron
Nicolas Del Grosso Some quantum light on the dynamical casimir effect in optomechanical cavities
Nicolás Mirkin Information backflow as a resource for entanglement
Nicolás Nuñez Barreto A Paul trap for studying the interaction of single ions
with structured light
Tobias Denzler Fluctuations in a harmonic Oscillator Otto engine